Welcome to The Rising Sun Senior Home

It is indeed inevitable for people to step into their twilight years. The time will always come when our body does not easily respond to what our head is telling it to do. When this time comes, it is much safer for a person to ask for the assistance of professional caregivers.

We at The Rising Sun Senior Home can provide such services for you or your loved ones. Our services are topnotch and we have been considered as one of the leading providers of senior care services. Aside from our services, we also have caregivers who are passionate with their work and has lots of respect when it comes to caring for seniors.

Our aim is to create a senior home facility where everyone is treated like a family. Caregivers treating the residents like their real parents and the residents treating the caregivers as their own child – that is the kind of place our senior home facility is.

Be a part of our family too!