421 & 431 South Fenton Street
Lakewood, Colorado 80226

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Who We Are

The Rising Sun Senior Home is one of the leading senior care providers in Lakewood, Colorado. We take care of the senior members of families living within our vicinity. Our goal is to make them feel comfortable as they stay with us. We want them to be relieved of pressure or stress and just live a peaceful existence as we bathe them with comfort and luxury they deserve.

As we are a senior care provider, we see to it that we can provide them the assistance that most senior adults need. We give them help with their activities of daily living such as bathing, grooming, and other similar activities. It is also our responsibility to look after the food they eat – only providing the most delicious yet nutritious diet for them.

Our caregivers at The Rising Sun Senior Home are also trained to provide the residents the tender love and compassionate care that they are worthy of receiving. Since we treat our residents like our second family, our caregivers both have respect for them. Along with the respect that we feel for our residents, we have dedicated ourselves into caring for them with utmost dignity. We take care of them as if they are our own loved ones.

The training that our caregivers went through is not the only thing that we at The Rising Sun Senior Home can brag about. It is also safe to mention that our caregivers have underwent a strict application process where they are thoroughly interviewed and meticulously screened for their qualifications, skills, previous trainings attended, and past employment. They are background-checked too.

We also see to it that our services are not discriminatory. Our services are meant to be served equally regardless of age, gender, nationality, ethnicity, race, religion, and other factions that usually create a rift in a home. Without discrimination, the promotion of comfort is thus optimized. This means that you can be at ease while you stay with us.

Our Mission

  • Caring and Hospitality Oriented
  • Associates Empowered to Serve
  • Residents , Creating Preference
  • Economic Growth and Industry Leadership