Together, we foster a friendship built on respect & trust.

At The Rising Sun Senior Home, we understand moving to a new living environment can be scary and a feeling of uncertainty. It is important to provide quality activities that encourage personal empowerment and growth as well as a connectedness to other residents. Our activities are designed to meet our resident’s spiritual, emotional, and physical needs and desires.

With age alone, seniors are already vulnerable to feelings of depression and isolation and living on their own only increases their risks to such emotional distress. Under our care at The Rising Sun Senior Home, we ensure that our seniors are kept entertained and socially active. Apart from providing them a welcoming home, we also expose them to recreational activities, individually designed activities, wellness-based activities, and social gatherings where they can enjoy the company of peers who share their spirit and interests. We also allow outdoor engaging activities that they can do with other residents or alone under the supervision of our staff.

For more information regarding our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.