Enjoy the Amazing Benefits of Recreational Activities


Why confine yourself to your rooms when there are so many enjoyable and entertaining activities available outside and the companionship of your friends? Moving to and living in retirement homes in Colorado provides seniors with easy access to a variety of recreational programs that give endless, powerful, and wide-ranging therapeutic and health advantages.

Here are a few examples of how recreational programs and activities might benefit your seniors:

  • Abundant Energy
    Being outside in nature makes you feel more alive and gives you more energy and vitality, which can help you be more resilient to illness.

  • Helps You Stay Mentally Sharp
    Board games are enjoyable hobbies that can help elderly people enhance their memory, mental agility, focus, and creativity while also maintaining social contacts.
  • Capability to Develop Emotional Resilience
    Recreational life enrichment programs that promote and support residents in experiencing memorable moments, such as exhibiting personal artwork at a local gallery or sharing a romantic anniversary supper, help residents retain an optimistic view and avoid depression.
  • Better Overall Health
    Being outside can help boost your vitamin D levels, which are commonly low in seniors, as well as improve your overall immunity by increasing your white blood cell count. In addition, spending time in nature may help you recover faster from an injury or illness.

We provide a wide range of high-quality recreational experiences that enhance physical, social, emotional, intellectual, vocational, and spiritual wellness at The Rising Sun Senior Home. We have caregivers who have been trained to provide competent senior care and services.

If you’ve opted to live in an assisted living home in Lakewood, Colorado, you will never regret choosing us!

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