Activities to Boost a Senior’s Overall Wellness


Seniors who live alone are vulnerable to loneliness, feeling isolated, and in worse cases, depression. They might also feel unmotivated to be active because they do not have people to share their activities with. Having a reliable companion can encourage seniors to be physically, mentally, and socially active. This is why our Assisted Living Home in Lakewood, Colorado has companion caregivers to assist seniors in their preferred activities every day.

With companionship that seniors can enjoy and trust, they will be motivated to try different activities that can improve their physical, emotional, and cognitive health. It will also encourage them to be socially connected to family and friends. Here are some activities that we can recommend:

  • Group Workouts
    Joining a senior workout group is an effective way to encourage seniors to enjoy exercising. It could be a simple walking or jogging club that can push them to go out every day and enjoy the outdoors with friends. It could also be a Tai Chi club that helps them appreciate nature while improving their balance and breathing.
  • Interest-Based Clubs
    Seniors can also form or join book, language-learning, or board games clubs to keep them cognitively and socially active. Our Retirement Homes in Colorado encourage activities that allow seniors to share enjoyable times with their peers.

The Rising Sun Senior Home provides Senior Care services that help our residents maintain their overall health and wellness. Feel free to contact or visit us for more details about our senior home.

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