Talking To Your Senior About Assisted Living


The transition to a senior care home is frequently seen as a permanent blow to an elder’s independence, and many stubbornly avoid talking about this subject out of fear of being forcibly evicted from their homes. While moving is a major adjustment, assisted living can increase an elder’s level of independence and enhance their social life.
Despite this, it can be difficult for you or your loved one to talk about this type of care. Here are some tips on how you can open the topic with your aging loved one:

  • Research Different Senior Housing Options
    Senior services depend on what your elder needs. Consider their health needs and the extent of what your elderly is capable of doing daily.
  • Make Plans a Topic of Discussion
    It’s important to talk about the possibility of moving into a senior community over time. Seniors are less likely to feel pressured if they are involved in the whole process of choosing the right home.
  • Present the Topic in a Calm and Positive Tone
    A senior community offers a more positive tone compared to a senior facility. Make a conscious effort to speak in a calm, quiet, and pleasant tone. Let your parents know it is important to you that they are the ones to make the final decision.

What is the progression of their illness?
Research on how their condition progresses over time. For example, if they have dementia, make sure to have them choose retirement homes in Colorado that offer continuous memory care.
The Rising Sun Senior Home is a positive, safe, and nurturing assisted living home in Lakewood, Colorado, that aims to improve the lives of our seniors. Feel free to call us for assessment and assistance.

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