How Domestic ADL Is Integrated


There’s a third kind of Activities of Daily Living (ADL) service. But this one is so subtle, so ingrained with the other services and tasks, like companionship, that you may only know if asked for or observed. And its Domestic Activities of Daily Living.

For your information, Domestic Activities of Daily Living are more focused on our well-being, specifically our mental, physical, and social well-being. The activities under this senior care ADL concentrate on activities that help achieve a better and more fulfilling quality of life. The activities are socialization, physical activities, mental exercises, amusement and entertainment, and skills. Having a companion to connect with is one of its strategies.

How do retirement homes in Colorado do that? How do they integrate that into the services they offer? With their mare presence and responsibilities. For example, when you have a companion, they engage you in different activities. Activities like deep conversations, walking in the park and playing board games. Companions also join you during your pastime or when you are doing your hobby and learning a new skill.

And that’s our commitment and promise to you. We here at The Rising Sun Senior Home dedicate our efforts to providing you with care and respect.

Discover how we provide Domestic Activities of Daily Living in our assisted living home in Lakewood, Colorado, by connecting with us. Do it through the following method: call at 303-937-3473 for our 421 & 431 S Fenton Street location or at 303-989-0301 for our 835 S Flower Street location. You may also email your inquiries to

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