The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Plate for Seniors


The ideal meal for seniors depends on how it affects their overall health. For instance, a senior with diabetes should take a meal with low carbohydrates and other forms of sugar to avoid blood sugar level elevation. In our retirement homes in Colorado, we cook meals for them that benefits their health.

As their bodies continue to get weaker every day, they need meals that provide nutrients to fight against infections, build muscles, and improve health. Thus, we think giving and preparing delicious and nutritious meals is compulsory in senior care.

We at The Rising Sun Senior Home ensure that our meal preparation is clean, healthy, and properly executed. As a trusted assisted living facility, we share with readers what should be the contents of seniors’ plates.

  • Basic Contents
    The contents of seniors’ plates should include the following basic nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, and fiber. Carbohydrates will serve as the main energy source for seniors. Those will keep them energized and active. Proteins are the main sources of tissue repair. In addition, they also serve as building blocks of muscles for seniors. Lastly, fibers help keep their digestive tract healthy and moving.
  • Alterations
    As a provider of senior services, the meals served to them should be appropriate for their health. In some special conditions, we can provide them with their meal of choice. For example, a senior’s physician instructs us to cook a meal with less sodium as a management plan for hypertension.

Meals and health should be the top priority for any assisted living home in Lakewood, Colorado, most especially us. By providing seniors with meals beneficial for their health, we can help them have a healthy life. For more of our services, please call us.

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