Signs Indicating a Need for Assisted Living

signs-indicating-a-need-for-assisted-livingWhen an elderly parent or family member lives independently, it is normal to feel concerned for their health and safety. Although your loved one may be capable of handling their needs on their own, there will come a time when they require adult care to carry out daily tasks. This is when assisted living comes in.

As one of the leading retirement homes in Colorado, we will discuss the signs that indicate a need for assisted living:

  • Worsening Health Problems
    If your loved one’s health has steadily declined over the last few months, it may be time to arrange senior care. An assisted living home can help your loved ones manage their medications to aid in symptom control and provide support to meet their daily needs.
  • Difficulty with ADLs
    The ability to perform Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) is essential to aging healthily. When a senior is no longer capable of performing tasks like bathing, cooking, or cleaning, it may be time to talk about moving to assisted living.
  • Poor Eating Habits
    Seniors who are mostly eating takeout or frozen meals may experience significant weight loss or unhealthy weight gain. This can signal serious medical problems and that your loved one is having difficulty preparing food. An assisted living home offers well-balanced meals to ensure proper nutrition.

The Rising Sun Senior Home is a reputable assisted living home in Lakewood, Colorado. In addition to high-quality amenities, we also offer exceptional services that range from meal preparation to medication management. Set an appointment with us to assess your senior loved one’s condition and needs.

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