Providing A Place That Feels Like Home!


Our loved ones become just as frail as they ever were as they age. Whether it is their emotional, mental, or physical health, there can be many changes. It is best to search for the most trustworthy assisted living home in Lakewood, Colorado, that can serve as their comfort place and ensure that they receive the sincere care they deserve. However, finding it won’t be easy. Worry no more because The Rising Sun Senior Home is the answer!

We provide retirement homes in Colorado where your loved ones can continue to live comfortably and achieve the best possible health in a place that feels like home. Their dynamic needs will be met right away because it is our desire for them to get better while under our care.

With guaranteed high-quality senior care, they will live their life to the fullest and enjoy being in a welcoming and loving environment. We understand how you wanted the best place for them to be taken care of, and trusting us will never be put to waste. 

We put the welfare of your loved ones first when providing our senior services. Since they will have our help throughout their entire stay, you can be sure that their circumstances will improve.

They will be supported by our team of competent caregivers who are all experts in taking care of your loved ones. You can book an appointment with us whenever you want a senior loved one to join us here in a place where they can call their home!

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